Hi folks, it’s been a while – been locked up in a editing room all week .

So the Kings signed their first round pick… and I think that’s about it. Did I miss anything else wonderful and exciting? The Olympics? Still haven’t watched. I hear some 15 year old who is 3 years away from being the future ex-Mrs. Barry won some swimming thing. I’m sure I’ll be buying her line of clothes for my daughter. Lord knows my son can’t get enough of Shawn White’s stuff (I don’t mind ’cause it’s always on sale).

Shane Doan is still “contemplating” – I hear the Penguins front loaded a 4 year deal for him. 10 million the 1st year. For 20 goals. I’m sure Jarret Stoll is kicking himself. So is Pancakes. Imagine how much the Penguins would have paid for HIS 7 regular season goals and outstanding post season? He may have potted 25-30 playing with Sid or Malkin.

I watched the NHL DVD on the Kings winning the cup – 3 problems:

1) Jamie Kompon was the best they could do for quotes? The guy is everywhere. He’s going to haunt me forever.

2) Helene Elliott – She’s so ugly…

–  Tim Burton cast her on the spot.

– even Bob the Builder said “I Can’t Fix That”

– after the interview, she was arrested for mooning

– when she looks in the mirror, her reflection ducks

– roaches go, “Hi mom!”

– she walked into a haunted house and came out with a job application

3) Rental Man? Really?

4) 45 years years and the best celebrities they could come up with is Matthew Perry and that guy from Five For Fighting?

5) Not one quote from Lombardi on how he put the team together? Not one quote about “right fit” and “playing together?”

6) The extras on the blu-ray weren’t worth the extra 10 dollars.

Oh, I know what I forget – the TeamLA sale and Select-A-Seat. I didn’t go to either and from what I understand, I didn’t miss out on anything. Congrats to the Kings for selling 15,000 season seats. I wonder, percentage wise, how much your ticket reps will have to listen to increased bitching and complaining? My guess? +2,567%

Did anyone try that new bar-b-que sandwich place? The one where Panda Express and that other awful Chinese food place used to be behind section 119?

I thought the site re-design would already be up… I guess the guys that were doing it hate me now, too?

If the NHL calls off the season again, will I finally get my life back?

So I run into a guy at Chuck E. Cheese today and he’s wearing a Kings Stanley Cup Championship T-Shirt. I say “Nice Shirt” and he looks at me like I just called him a “cunt” or something. Listen up people, if you BUY a Stanley Cup Champions T-Shirt, expect people who are just as happy as you are, to SHARE their happiness with you.

I’ve had a headache for 3 days. Does this mean I have a tumor?

FinalCut Pro X is NOT compatible with Final Cut 7 and I’m really frustrated about that.


  1. I feel the same way about randomly seeing people in Kings gear now. Didn’t see as much (or really any) the last 15 years or so.


  3. What was cut out from Monday Morning Rant & why?

  4. And here I thought you were filming in Chatsworth all this time. I’ll buy the Blu-Ray when you can find them in the cut out bin at the Albertson’s checkout line. I’m willing to bet its going to be the usual politically correct gab that never gives you any REAL insight to what was going on during the playoff run.
    So who is a tattler? You must be talking about those cunts at HB again. The people at HB and LGK are the biggest bunch of buttfucking douchebags around! I wish their sites nothing but the worst!
    If you thought the Kings management didn’t give a shit about you before this year. Well, next season I can only how much worse they’ll be.
    You know whenever I see somebody with a kings shirt/jersey. I’m immediately suspicious of them. I don’t ever recall seeing this shit around before!(?) I always ask the Detroit question, who was captain before Brown. If they can answer it without referring to a google search. I give them a high five and congratulate them! Otherwise they are bandwagon dog shit to me! And you know what else? Let’s just assume the guy you spoke to was a real fan. He might have been in such shock that the kings won! that he still forgets. I know that happens to me occasionally. I have to remind myself that the suffering is finally over.

  5. “2) Helene Elliott – She’s so ugly…” Ha ha! Hi pot, this is kettle, your black!

  6. “FinalCut Pro X is NOT compatible with Final Cut 7 and I’m really frustrated about that.”

    Yep, found that out myself when it first came out. I went back to FCP 7.

  7. Dean lost his voice after we won, that’s why he wasn’t on the DVD.

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