Monday Morning Rant

I’m all for freedom of speech but every time he opens his mouth (or in this case, tweets), flying bags of shit spew from it. Personally, I enjoy a Chik-Fil-A but now I have to rethink spending my hard earned cash which would go into the pocket of a person who openly speaks out against gay marriage. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if gay’s want to marry each other, they should be just as miserable as men and women who marry each other.

I understand this is America and we all have our 1st ammndment rights, just as Tim Thomas is free to spew his religious beliefs on his facebook account. Well, that’s why I have my tiny little rant-a-thon here and as was pointed out in an episode of “Newsroom” tonight, it was Christians just like Tim Thomas who killed Lincoln, John Lennon, Martin Luther King and supports the Klu Klux Clan. Again, this was on “Newsroom” tonight and it does not reflect my Koran carrying beliefs (that’s a joke, folks)

Yes, this has absolutely nothing to do with hockey and now that Carolina was stupid enough to pay 7 million dollars for a girl, all focus is now on an oft injured defenseman named Carlo.

First off, I’m getting real sick of Phoenix and their ownership mess. Even billionaires need writeoffs and NOBODY wants to touch this lemon.

I’ve got an idea. FOLD THE FRANCHISE. Nobody goes to their games in the 1st place. How the NHL can carry TWO franchises (yes, they’re “allegedly” carrying New Jersey, too, but nobody wants you to know THAT now do they?)

Shane Doan is being a little bitch, isn’t he? 30 million for 4 years? Let me get out my calculator. That’s 7.5 million. That’s more than Kopitar. For a 36 year old? Quick, which stupid team is going to pony up for this and regret the fuck out of it 2 years from now?

For 50 points.

Yes, he scored 50 points. That’s 27 points LESS than former teammate Ray Whitney scored and all he could muster up at age 40 was 4.5 million. That’s 12 points less than teammate Radim Vrbata, who at the tender age of 31 could only grab 3 million a season for 2 years. That’s 15 points less than Teddy Purcell. That’s 10 points less than David Desharnais and I don’t even know who he is!

89 players scored more goals than Doan did last season, and I don’t care what you say about “leadership qualities,” he hasn’t led the Coyotes to anything in 15 years!

7.5 million dollars a year?

I don’t know about you but I haven’t sat in the middle seats since the incident in Colorado. Did you donate to the victims? You should. Even a few bucks helps.

Haven’t watched. Don’t care. That’s just me.

What happened to the good old days when a top of the line Schwinn cost you 100 bucks? I just paid 800 bucks because I’m told I need a “hybrid” for the riding I want to do… Oh, and you need a cushier saddle. For 800 frickin bucks, it better tickle my balls when I’m riding. Helmet, gloves, water bottle and yes, I have to look like those dorks you see with the spandex outfits on that you just want to run over. Shit, I’ve become one of those guys. So please don’t run me over. I’m told my model is a “lower end” model and there are wheels that cost more than my whole bike. Who pays 2500 bucks for a bike?


I have to take digs at my favorite new fuckhead Tweeter





  1. Went to Chi-fil-A for lunch today. Loved the food, will return. It was actually my first time there. Great service in Torrance. I waited over an hour to be served and had a smile on my face as did the nice girl who took my order I am proud to have helped them achieve the world record- most sales in one day by any restaurant chain. Keep up the good work, guys. i will be back for some more chicken strips!!

  2. If Doan is at 7.5 a year what is Brown really worth? I don’t understand why Tim Thomas is aganist Gay marriages. When it sounds like he has something stuck up his ass.

  3. MAtt, welcome to the cycling club. I got called a faggot for riding up PCH in Huntington Beach for wearing cycling shorts and going uphill at (what I would think) is a decent speed. If you would have waited a month to buy your bike, you could have gotten it for about 200 less. They do make a Kings cycling jersey. All of these are great steps to cycling like Chris Chelios and Scott Thronton. By the way, that Hockey Insiderr guy is full of shit, but is funny as hell with the crap he posts

  4. I think Doan is part russian…

  5. Jeff Morgan says:

    Say it isn’t so about the spandex bike riding transformation. You don’t need to do this. Stop while you can. BTW, speaking of unnecessary shit, how is the vegan diet coming along?

  6. How dare Tim Thomas or the Chick-fil-A owner voice their opinions–which btw are shared by the vast MAJORITY of Americans…and rightfully so! Every time gay marriage is on the ballot it gets defeated…EVERY TIME…even in moral wastelands like California! The reason polls show support for gay marriage “gaining in popularity” is simply because left-wing fascists (like yourself) bully those who voice traditional opinions. Political correctness (which left-wingers control) is a form of cultural fascism, meant to manipulate human behavior as they see fit. Individualism must be crushed in order to feed the statist machine. This is why left-wingers love Castro, Che Guevara, Hugo Chavez, the French and Bolshevik Revolutions, and on and on.

    But the REAL irony is being lectured on “compassion” and “ethics” by leftists who, themselves, wear as a badge of honor the fact that they’ve murdered 50 million innocent children since Roe v Wade. Yeah, like anybody gives a shit what you guys “think.”

    • Um, 5 states recognize gay marriage – How “innocent” is James Holmes? That’s an abortion that should have happened. Signed “Lefty” Barry.

      • kingsxxx says:

        Do you think it is a coincidence that Holmes’ father is a key witness preparing to testify in the LIBOR scandal?

    • Even though I can sympathize, even agree with some of what you say. (Both sides of these arguments display atrocious behaviour). You go and do the ever so typical thing and bring up the typical right wing issue of abortion. Nobody fucking cares man! When are you lifers going to mind your own business?! Haven’t you realized the world is over populated? Funny how a hockey board becomes political. Way to stir the shit storm Matt! Lol

    • Gumpers: Just so you know, “left-wing fascism” does not make sense. Fascism is political ideology born from married left-wing and right-wing political views during WWI. As a philosophy, fascism endeavors to create a singular national identity and culture. Since former fascists have looked to wide-spread indoctrination techniques and eugenics to bring their political beliefs to reality, gay marriage has absolutely nothing to do with fascism. It actually contradicts what a fascist society would want: a straight-jacket tight culture of conformity for its citizens. If any thing, gay marriage is a symptom of a freer society that allows for individuality, ie, differences.

      What you are talking about is actually a very fascist look at things, ie a conforming systems of values that everyone should adhere to. By the way, with a billion starving people in the world I wonder what this planet would look like with 50 million unwanted children roaming around. Think they would help the problem or add to it? But again, as sensitive a case as abortion is, understanding its true implications requires the ability to look at things on a case by case basis, in other words, individually. Condemning every single abortion outright, is again, a bit fascist.

      But don’t worry, you’re not a fascist. You’d have to know what the word means.

    • Dave T. says:

      Gumpers are you Hockeyy Insiderr? You got about as much right as he does. ZERO.
      According to Gallup, Reuters, NY times, CBS and several other polls the majority of Americans now support marriage equality. Tim Thomas and the owner Chick-fil-A are free to voice their opinions just as I am free to decide where I will spend my money, and it won’t be at any fucking Chick-fil-A or any other bigoted business. I would also like to know how many children from unwanted pregnancies you have adopted.
      Matt I spent $5200 on my current bike, $2300 on the before that, and I don’t own a single piece of spandex.
      Might I suggest to anyone that’s interested a donation to the You Can Play Project.

    • Heisenberg says:

      Gumpers, you are a closed minded intolerant twat. I love how right wing morons like you thing any cause taken up by the left is about us wanting to be “politically correct”. You’d probably accuse someone who dislikes Nazi’s as bring politically correct too.

    • Heisenberg says:

      Gumpers, you are a closed minded intolerant twat. I love how right wing morons like you think any cause taken up by the left is about us wanting to be “politically correct”. You’d probably accuse someone who dislikes Nazi’s as being politically correct too.

  7. Lord Fuckpants says:

    The “if gay’s want to marry each other, they should be just as miserable as men and women who marry each other”, comment was hilarious. How do you come up with these things?

  8. Don’t care for the Olympics either but I do like watching the ladies gymnastics 🙂

  9. Ciccarelli says:

    As to the identity of hockeyyinsiderr it seems to me he is a highschooler or recent graduate from Ottawa Hockey Academy. Check out all his “friends” from facebook. They are all kids about that age. Even on facebook, he says he worked as an assistant GM and scout for three teams. Also he graduated from OHA in 2000, but it wasn’t around then…

    There are about 17 active so-called insiders on twitter now. They are starting to in-fight. Check it out at @nhldealbreaker, where I’m tracking them and refuting their sources!

  10. The money thrown at these guys is just insane! The usual answer to your question about who would be stupid enough and regretting it of course always goes to the NY Rangers. But they’ve already sewn up their bad team chemistry with Nash?
    Glad somebody else agrees, I made the comment at work the other day that I couldn’t give a flying fuck about the Olympics and you have thought I pissed in the holy water. Seriously, booorrrriiinngggg!!!
    Got one better about marriage, it should be outlawed! Period! Gay or straight its an obsolete institution. Why anyone would sign up for it willingly is beyond me!! Can you take me out “Batman Style?!”

  11. kingsxxx says:

    Well the identity of your buddy is close..DD, AD, PM or FU

    Has the season started yet, fuck already.

    Your born again christian boy Timmy Thomas is taking the year off cause he thinks the world is going to end on 12/21/12 so he wants to be with friends and family in the event he is saved during the rapture. That’s why he openly opposes Obama and his socialist agenda and why he loves himself a chic-fil-a.

    Doan isn’t worth 5 mil for 2 years. Thanks KHL for jacking the free agent an development pool. You are fucking up the economics of our game.

    Expansion to Seattle? So does that mean NJ or PHO is moving to Seattle or are we just going to dilute the talent pool even more with a two team expansion?

    Are we even going to have hockey next year? I have about as much optimistic faith in that going through as bettman does in the sale of the Yotes.

    Microphone thrown to the floor

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