Kings Replace Kompon With Davis Payne


The Kings have two guys named Davis on their staff/roster.

Okay, so Davis Payne was head coach of the Blues for 13 games this past season before being fired and replaced by Ken Hitchcock, who was named coach of the year. Now he knows how Jack Johnson feels.

Before he was fired, the Blues power play was 3 for 35 – that fits right in with the Kings sucking.

After he took over for Andy Murray he had a decent 23-15-4 record, but his power play ranked 20th. Then again, he took over for Andy Murray who drove everyone nuts with his droning and notes under the door.

In 2010-11 Davis missed the playoffs with a 38-33-11 record HOWEVER his power play IMPROVED to 10th in the league.

Considering his fate seemed to mirror that of another former head coach and excellent defensive coach in John Stevens, it looks like Davis Gaines… er… Davis Payne should fit in perfectly.

Bottom line is this: It didn’t matter WHO the Kings hired because ANYONE would have been better than Jamie fucking Kompon!


He can’t fight, he can’t backcheck, he’s lazy… and now he’s being paid 7 million dollars.

How many games does it take before the Staal brothers purposely dish Semin the puck just nanoseconds before Dion Phaneuf decapitates him?


It’s like when Bo Derek left John Derek. Guys were like “Yahoo! Bo is fresh meat!” Every greasy dude with a bank account and a beer gut was wooing her, spending stupid money on her and what happened? She went right back to John Derek. These teams are wasting their time and energy. Doan goes back to Phoenix no matter WHAT happens. And he’ll probably take a 1 year contract, too.


  1. Remember how much we all hated it when the Kings hired Darryl Sutter? Worked out pretty well in the end, didnt it? I say we give Davis Payne a chance…

  2. KOPI-STAR says:

    I have one disagreement. I think Semin was tired of being in Ovi’s shadow. Even when Semin potted 40 goals, it was still all about Ovechkin. Playing with the Staal bros, Semin will play with a higher compete level. Plus a one year deal is basically risk free, especially since the Canes needed to spend 3 or 4 million just to reach the cap floor. But, Semin will probably play like shit and make me sound like a tard.

    • kingsxxx says:

      You play to win. But having said that JJ was kind of the same way with DD. JJ was much better when DD was out of the line up

  3. Weird is right, hiring coaches with bad track records make absolutely no sense.

    • In December I realized (as well as lot of others) that our coach knows what he’s doing.

      I think we end up with a top 10 PP as well as top 10 in scoring next season. I also think with other teams going after us every night to take down the champs we get into playoff mode all year and kick ass.

      While i’m in my prediction mode I say we see career years from Kopi (who finally gets nominated for the Selke), Richards, Carter, Quick (Who wins the Vezina) and Doughty who will finally win the Norris.

      Ok, i’ll stop now. Just going into withdrawals already.

  4. I’m not saying it won’t happen but I did read somewhere that a 1 year contract wasn’t ‘possible’ with the Coyotes. Not sure why, but I think it was his agent who said it if memory serves. Either that or I’m completely wrong.

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