Nash For THOSE Scrubs? Are You Kidding?

Remember when you were in New York for the first time and you saw that three card monte guy saying, “Find the red card. Find the red card” and it looked SO EASY. You plopped down your 20 bucks and turned the card over and… WHAT????…. It was BLACK?


That’s exactly what Sather did to Howson. Not only did he rob him blind, he date raped him in the process.

I don’t care how the media spins this trade. It was worse that the Joe Thornton deal. It was worse that the Dion Phaneuf deal.

This one is about as bad as watching an episode of Rob Schneider’s new unfunny comedy.

If Scott Howson has a job after Christmas, I’ll be shocked.

“I think all three players have a chance to be the cornerstone in this trade,” Scott Howson said today.

I think he meant to say,”I think all three players have a chance to be concrete cinderblocks.”

Let’s break this down:

Rick Nash in New York with teammates that can actually SCORE = Flyers and Penguins are fucked. Nash, on crappy Jackets teams AVERAGED 35 goals a season. Imagine what he’ll do with Brad Richards dishing him the puck?

Because the Blue Jackets didn’t learn from how well Nikita Filatov, Jakub Voracek and Nikolai Zherdev performed so well, they traded for another Eastern Euro in Artem Anisimov who undoubtedly will love trading in the nightlife in New York for cow tipping and pork rind eating contests in Columbus.

Brandon Dubinsky has played 5 seasons in New York and has sucked worse than a toothless hooker. A whopping 34 points last season all for the amazing low price of 4.2 million dollars.

Tim Erixson is a defenseman who had a 7.5 rating by Hockey’s future… the exact SAME rating as Blue Jacket defensemen Cody Goloubef, David Savard AND Mike Reilly.

If Jack Johnson wasn’t crying in his pillow after the Kings lifted the Stanley Cup, he’s going to become the Jackets first full blown alcoholic.

I can only imagine the wave of Jackets fans that are PRAYING for a lockout so they don’t have to suffer through another year of futility. I can only imagine the Jackets fans wanting to turn that goal cannon towards the office of Howson. I can only imagine the scores of Jackets fans putting their NASH jersey’s on eBay and becoming instant bandwagon Red Wings fans.

Remember when Gary Bettman wouldn’t let the Kings rob the Islanders for ziggy Palffy and MADE the Kings include Olli Jokinen? How could he even ALLOW this trade? How could the NHLPA revenue sharing committee which is going to see the Blue Jackets gate receipts plummet worse than Chipotle’s stock the last two days.

Nick Foligno, Brandon Dubinsky and RJ Umberger? Come on, name a WORSE starting 3.

Do you think Sergei Bobrovsky is praying he has a season ending groin pull Game 1?

James Wisniewski might be a rich man, but do you think he might be having 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th thoughts about signing there?

Scott Howson, in a letter to fans, wrote: “We are committed to building a team that plays an exciting brand of hockey, competes every night and ultimately achieves the goal of winning a Stanley Cup. Anything less is unacceptable, and we will do whatever it takes to build a winner.”

Whatever it takes? You fucking LIAR. You could have traded Nash to Detroit for a MUCH BETTER package, but didn’t. “Whatever it Takes?” How about KEEPING Nash until the right deal came along? Mistake after mistake after mistake. I thought only Hollywood executives failed upwards?

And how about the Kings being “All In” for Nash?





  1. kingsxxx says:

    Howson didnt want to trade Nash to DET because he didn’t want to be reminded 6 times a year. As it stands you were going to get beaten by them anyway. Grow a sack. To be the best you have to beat the best. Douche bag

  2. The Rangers do their usual big fish grab. But again, they’ll have shitty team chemistry like always. Howson was definitely given a Jedi Mind Trick. Hahaha….sucker!!

  3. the worst part is that the Kings suck against the Blue Jackets. In fact it took a scoreboard controversy to beat these guys

  4. if NY offered that crap then the Kings must have offered Williams, HIckey, Nolan, and a 5th

  5. Sleeping Dog says:

    Every sport has a few horrible GMs and/or owners – right now, hockey has Howson.
    While I know the BJs haven’t been very competitive in their short time in the league, but this trade cements the to the bottom of the Western Conference. It had looked like they might be putting together a decent team (JJ, Bob?, etc) – but this epic failure will keep them battling for a top three draft choice every year.
    Like the Cubs, Columbus’ motto will become “wait until next year” – every year! Then JJ will retire after a dozen years as “the face of the franchise”, but will have only his time with LA as his only playoff experience.

    Sure glad this team is in same conference as the Kings – won’t have to worry about beating them out for a playoff spot – EVER.

  6. Good rant. Time for DL work out that Bernier deal with Columbus. Throw in Loktionov & Clifford, we can get all 3 of the BJ’s first round picks. Howson could spin the trade as “We’ve brought in 3 key players for the Kings Stanley Cup Championship team. They’re winners & they’ll bring in a culture of winning to our team.” 🙂

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