Attention! Jackass Alert!

I just came back from shooting a short film today. I was in a GREAT mood as it was a fantastic shoot. Then I go and ruin it by reading this dipshit. What the hell is WRONG with me?

Are you fucking KIDDING me with this guy!?!?!


The phrase, “Who needs an anal rape?” comes to mind.

This is the guy who recently wrote…

Gagner signed YESTERDAY (5 days later) and for ONE year, not 3.

He freaked out the entire Pittsburgh area with THIS:

I know, I know, I’ve worked for Eklund… But Eklund posts RUMORS and doesn’t post shit like this.

Okay, lets break this down:

The Kings are going to trade a 1st line right winger AND a 2nd line left winger (albeit an injured one) for an overpaid, underachieving 3rd liner (Borque is a 3rd liner folks, don’t kid yourself)

Now, lets break down the alleged “cap savings”

Williams 3.6 cap hit

Gagne 3.5 cap hit

Bourque 3.3 cap hit

Diaz 1.2 cap hit

So the Kings are going to break up their Stanley Cup winning team… a team they kept COMPLETELY together for the grand “cap savings” of 1.6 million dollars??

No wonder Darren Dreger hates this fucking idiot and Allan Walsh went to the press and called him a “liar.”

Why am I giving this missed abortion any attention?


He couldn’t get along with Carter in Columbus.  Jack Johnson thinks he’s an asshole. WHY in the hell, (if the Kings are trying to free up cap space” would they take on this parasites contract????

HOLY COW, did someone just drill a hole in my head and let a duck shit in it?


Can you all just copy and paste this link and send it to him – just flood his inbox.



  1. Sleeping Dog says:

    With Nash being sent to Rangers, I guess we won’t be sending Gagne and Williams to MTL after all.

  2. just stop following him/her and save yourself the aggrevasion

  3. We really don’t need pRick Nash!

  4. kingsxxx says:

    Since its summer and all and we have really no trades to look forward to since our team is set you can’t help but to get juiced up by these off the wall rumors. But when you realize they are just crap it’s fucking annoying.

    What’s up with the bernier to TOR for top 6 prospect, d man prospect and pick? Not to mention the kings being patient with Dominick Hasek who is supposed to come in to back up JQ? Barry, rip this douche on that one too

  5. Pretty sure the guy said he had emails from the Habs GM when they were considering Roy as head coach. Claimed they were hiring Roy, and if they didn’t he would show emails he had from the GM saying that they were hiring him. Well, Roy wasn’t hired and he never released emails. He is a huge troll.

  6. Matt, I would take Nash in a Heartbeat if we we’re actually in the mix. The Montreal thing is a joke for sure, but like I posted in your other thread, we could aquire Nash for Gagne/Williams/Bernier/Tolfi. And our lines would be set. Being that we have so many centers, some will have to play RW or LW. Either way, our 4th line could be adjusted, but our 1st 3 lines would be awesome !


    Just throwing it out their ! And if we do nothing, I am happy with what we got, but having 7 forward for the top 2 lines, lets us at least be in the game for Nash, wouldn’t ya think ?

  7. KLuka68 says:

    The guy himself put a question mark in his head, so what do you expect from him?

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