All Hell is Breaking Loose!

Forget Bernier, tonight is FUN!

FLYERS STICK IT TO NASHVILLE  – OFFER SHEET SHEA WEBER – 14 YEAR – 100 MILLION (Told it might be as high as 140)

You know when you’re trying to be nice to the soon to be ex-wife and you’re trying to do the right thing, but she’s just being a fricken c***, so you tell your hard core attorney to stick it up her ass? That’s what the Flyers just did to Nashville

The Flyers were trying to be nice – they allegedly tried to work out a trade, and they couldn’t, so they decided to pay a defenseman until he’s 40.

Meanwhile, in a New York City penthouse, Gary Bettman is beating his pillow with an elephant tusk.

This could get uglier than Snookie without makeup.

The Flyers didn’t learn their lesson with the numerous years they handed out to Mike Richards and Jeff Carter? That worked out well, didn’t it? The first time Weber puts on a Montreal Expos hat, Weber will be jettisoned to Phoenix… or wherever they’ll be.

Flyers players are tweeting how excited they are. For some reason I haven’t been able to spot the Chris Pronger tweet? Did I miss it?

14 years? How many marriages last 5? Isn’t 14 years a prison sentence for statutory rape?


According to the Arizona Republic, Jones and Cobb have not yet decided if they will sue Glendale over the petition rejection. They are required by state law to decide within five days. Jones said that if they do not sue, they would consider an effort to add a surcharge or other revenue-generating increase to the cost of Coyotes tickets to minimize the deal’s impact on taxpayers.

Let me translate for you: Bye-Bye Doan! Bye-Bye Tippet! Bye-Bye Fans! Hello cheap tickets and great golf when the Kings play there!

Bernier winds up on the Flyers – he has to – the Flyers West won the Stanley cup, now the Kings East have to.

Okay, here’s how it works:

Step #1) Flyers acquire Bobby Ryan and Emerson Etam from the Ducks for Jacob Voracek and Matt Read
Step #2) Flyers trade Bryzgalov to CBJ for anything
Step #3) Flyers trade Emerson Etam AND Bill Ranford’s nephew LW Brendan Ranford to the Kings for Jon Bernier



Oh, and here’s a few more for you…

“Waked Up?” – Is this one of those hip new 19 year old surfing terms i don’t know about?

“Waked Up?” – Is this a new hip hop phrase for “stoned on bennies?”

“Waked Up?” – Is this what happened to John Travolta when he was being massaged?

It’s now July 19th – Show of hands… how many people think the #DoneDeal will go through in 3 days? Hello? Anybody? You sir. You think it will? Oh, you have to go pee? Anyone else.

Wait! Let me play! I’ve written some stupid shit before (Lindros to the Kings!) but I want to play!!!

– The Kings have a VERBAL AGREEMENT that people named STEWIE will never set foot in Staples center again! #CONFIRMED

– The Kings have a VERBAL AGREEMENT that beer and Wetzel Pretzel prices will remain the same! #DONE DEAL


  1. If I was the Kings, I would see if Nash has changed his mind on a few teams, and I’d make an offer. We could package…….. Bernier, Williams, Gagne and Clifford or Tolfi. Columbus would get everything there asking for and more.
    This is one of the best deals that could be offered and we could do it. Can you imagine Kopi/Brown/Nash on our 1st line …………. Wow !

  2. tkecanuck341 says:

    I think you misunderstood. Glendale rejecting the referendum is good for Doan and Tippett. That means that the sale is more likely to go through and that the team will stay put.

  3. In a few years Richards and Carters contracts will be reasonable. I like what the Flyers did. Summer just got a little hotter.

  4. Kings n Riders says:

    Matt, how were the Flyers trying to be nice? They refused to give up Schenn and Couturier in any deal for Weber, yes the same weber that is the best defencemen in the world they refused to give up those two young unproven players. I don’t blame Poile for telling the Flyers to fuck off. What were they expecting to give up in a trade for the Best D man??? No way the Flyers end up with Weber, Nashville can’t afford to let Suter and Weber go and not get any roster players in return, plus they still need to spend $14 mill just to get to cap floor.

  5. Sleeping Dog says:

    If Flyers end up signing Weber, will they need to dump salaries? If so, we’ll take B Schenn off of their hands! Or maybe Hartnell?

    • Kings n Riders says:

      No they won’t need to dump anything, they have $7.5 mill in cap space right now plus they can put Pronger on LTIR. As for SChenn they refused to trade him in a package for Weber already, so If they did have to dump salary (which they don’t) Schenn won’t be going anywhere.

  6. The way things are going, it might just be best to hold onto Bernier. Let him get a rediculous offer sheet next year and we can get back more than if we had traded him in the first place.

  7. Saint James says:

    I give the Flyers credit, they stirred the pot, Weber seemed to fade in their last playoff round this year, but he is a hell of a D’man. As far as Doan, somehow his attiude towards King’s players at the end of their series still resonates with me, as good as he is, he has a questionable attitude. The key to the Bernier trade possiblity is who will back up Quick if he’s gone, it must be a proven goalie.

  8. Actually, as much as I can’t stand Snooki, she actually looks way better without make up.

  9. 22Sargent says:

    Hi, Matt,

    Did the Flyers end up signing Brendan Ranford? I thought he was currently a free agent, since he was a 2010 draft pick and hadn’t been signed by the Flyers by June 1st of this year. I think he has been invited to Montreal’s upcoming training camp, but, I don’t know if he has accepted the offer.

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