HNIC: “Leafs Make Offer For Bernier”

Submit all ridiculous offers here – remember YOU wouldn’t have traded Jack Johnson AND a 1st round pick for Carter.

The Kings still won’t have a proven back-up goaltender

So what do the Kings NEED that Toronto has? Burke likes to build with meaty guys… so do the Kings.

I like Kadri and Colbourne but doubt Burke parts with either.

Matt Frattin (I accidentally typed FARTin) – 6’1″ 206 – 4th round pick

Carter Ashton – 6’3″ 205 – 1st round pick

Brad Ross – Considered one of the hardest players to play against in the WHL, Ross brings energy and grit to the mix, which sometimes makes it easy for his offensive prowess to be overlooked. An in-your-face forward who’s relentless on the ice, his presence helps create open ice for his ultra-skilled linemates. He thrives in a pest role and should continue to frustrate opponents at the pro level.

Jesse Blacker – solid D-man?



Oh Good Grief Charlie Brown!




  1. gcshamman says:

    I want Kadri and Scrivens and maybe a third for Bernier. or Kadri and another prospect

  2. Kompon hired as Asst. Coach to Quennville in Chicago…looks like at least one team in the west gave up on a SCF apperance this upcoming season

  3. Bernier will get some more starts this season and his value will increase. No trade untill mid season.

    • djspock92 says:

      Daryl Sutter last five years as head coach

      05-06 Kiprusoff played 75 games
      04-05 Kiprusoff 38 games
      02-03 Nabakov 55 games
      01-02 Nabakov 67 games
      00-01 Nabakov 66 games

      Average 60.2 games the number one goalie has played under a Daryl Sutter coached team.

      I don’t blame Bernier wanting to leave. He’s been the man in net on every team his played for probably since he’s put on skates. Numbers say it’s not likely he’ll get a chance be be number one in LA if Quick continues his Vezina nominated performance in 12-13.

  4. Ashton, Colborne & 1st for Bernier & Clifford. With King & Nolan’ Clifford is the odd man out & he’s one punch away from being possibly being the next Brett Lindros.

  5. Kings n Riders says:

    I sure the fuck don’t want Kadri or Colbourne, maybe Frattin though. It might be better to pry their first rounder and scrivens away from them as this is suppose to be a good draft year and we don’t have a first.

  6. KOPI-STAR says:

    I would go with a big body to replace pancakes, you know he’s gonna loaf around as usual. He was in a contract year last year and that didn’t motivate him so nothings gonna change there. Burke will have to throw in a 2nd rounder too.
    Lucy’s still gonna yank the ball anyway!

  7. Tough call. Any aquisition would bump Lewis from the lineup. Clifford is already gonna have to beat out King or Nolan. I personally dont have a problem with seeing Fratten over Lewis. Hmmm maybe a package of picks and a back up netminder is the way to go.

  8. wait for columbas to make legit offer and take their 1st rounder

    • Kings n Riders says:

      You’ll be waiting a long time then, they already got thier goaltender they don’t need Bernier.

      • We don’t need to move Bernier either. Just cause he wants out doesn’t mean take the first deal offered. We can wait as long as we want. The Kings are in the driver seat.

  9. djspock92 says:

    What ever package they offer us, it better include Juraj Mikúš.

    In all seriousness, it’ll involve backup goalie Ben Scrivens in the package, qualified enough to back up Quick for a year or two. (25 yrs old, currently a RFA)

    Looking at other forwards to package in with Scrivens….nothing really looks appelling or that can help us this year.

    • tkecanuck341 says:

      Scrivens, Frattin, & 2013 3rd for Bernier & 2013 2nd.

      • What? So, wait… The Kings are gonna give up Bernier AND move back in the draft? I SERIOUSLY doubt that. You see, Bernier is the chip in whatever deal is going to be made. He is not what Toronto (or anyone else) is going to “get back” in the deal. He is the centerpiece. Therefore, everything on the other side will add up to his value, not the other way around. Unless, of course, he is going to be used in a deal to upgrade the top 6 of the Kings right now, not seeing that either.

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