What is Bernier Worth?

On Thursday, Jonathan Bernier went public and on an interview with TVA Sports had asked the Kings to trade him at the deadline but the Kings “refused.”

I’m sure this went over well with Dean and his constant talk of “team” and “character.”

Lombardi to Bernier: “There’s No “I” in team”
Bernier to Lombardi: “There’s No “We” in team, either!”

Remember, this is the same Bernier that pouted like a 4 year old when he was demoted after starting the season in Europe in 2007 and giving way to the likes of Erik Ersberg.

Tony Gallagher of The National Post wrote today Bernier hampered his own market by going public with his trade demands.

I look at it the other way – It increases his value and lowers Luongo’s. Vancouver either takes whatever other teams are offering or those same other teams simply make a deal for Bernier.

The Columbus Dispatch reported the Blue Jackets, (after saying last season they had no interest), tried to acquire Bernier at the trade deadline, and once again have interest.

Would the Jackets simply give back the Kings 1st round pick they traded for Jeff Carter? If I’m Lombardi, I’d want the JACKETS 1st round pick instead. After all, Bernier was the 11th pick overall and the Kings have spent years (and a lot of money) developing him.


1.Dan Bylsma

2. Craig Johnson

3.George Parros

4.Matt Schneider

5.Stu Grimson

6.Andreas Lilja

7.Jim Thomson

8.Jari Kurri

9.Tomas Sandstrom

10.Jason Blake

11.Dustin Penner

12.Sean Pronger

13.Lubomir Visnovski

14.Sean O’Donnell

15.Warren Rychel

16.Oleg Tverdovsky

17.Ken Baumgartner

18. Kip Brennan

19. Kyle Calder

20. Bob Corkum

21. Ted Donato

22. Josh Green

23. Doug Houda

24. Lonnie Loach

25. Kevin Todd

26. Rob Valicevic


  1. Lol the memory of Tverdovsky.

  2. tkecanuck341 says:

    According to Andi Petrillo at HNIC, Maple Leafs have made an offer for Bernier. I hope it includes Matt Frattin.

  3. Kings n Riders says:

    I’m with you on wanting the BJ’s first rounder, but I still have a problem believing they actually want him. They just traded for Bobrovsky and obviously still have Mason who is young. Why would they want to bring in another young unproven potential starter? Whether Bernier likes it or not he will start the season as a King. What DL needs to do is give him more games to build his trade value and in the process give Quick a LITTLE rest as he played alot last year and could use it. Then when another team has goalie issues during the season DL can maximize his return for Bernier.

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