Anybody Left Worth Signing?

Looks like a bunch of dudes whom I’ve never heard of are signing for close to minimums. Guess that’s the new NHL. They’ve taken a page right out of Hollywood. Pay guys like Channing Tatum 4 million bucks per film and everyone else makes Scale (minimum). Take it or leave it.


What about a year of Kostitsyn, or…?
Sure, keeping him away from Lindsay Lohan’s disease infested snatch will be a challenge, but the boy can score, and that’s something the Kings can still use, especially on Stoll’s line. Relying on Simon Gagne to play an entire season is like relying on Marco Sturm to recover from major knee surgery or Trent Hunter and Ethan Moreau to have comeback years.

Sykora is still only 35 and did put up 21 goals and 23 assists in 82 games. But is this a case of “Once a Duck, Always a Duck?”

Am I About to Do Something Blasphemous?
What if Teemu suddenly looks at the Ducks and jumps ship for a year? Wouldn’t you? Would we want him? Isn’t he a Duck for life? Would it be too weird? He doesn’t ask for a lot of scratch and he’s got a better shot at another cup with the Kings than he does wasting his final year in Anaheim.

For The Love Of God NO!
Whatever the Kings do, PLEASE don’t sign Kristian Huselius. Of course I said For the Love of God NO! Please don’t hire Darryl Sutter.

One More Defensive Signing?
Lombardi has always liked Scott Hannan who doesn’t seem to be raking in the offers as expected. Would be a nice, inexpensive 1 year insurance policy. Better than Coliaiacovo and Campoli. What about Matt Gilroy (3g, 17a)?

UFA Players I’d rather never see in the NHL again:
Randy Jones, Jeff Finger, Kyle Wellwood, Trevor Gillies, Pierre Luc Letourneau-Leblond (are you KIDDING me with that name? How does he fill it out on his customs form?), Brendan Morrison, Patrick Rismiller (how does this guy keep getting SIGNED?), Patrick “But Edmonton Loved Me” O’Sullivan

Offer Sheets:
Yeah, that’s worked out well, hasn’t it?

Scott Parse Update:
Still nobody wants him. Maybe he takes a 2-way contract rather than playing in Europe? I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he winds up with Moller and Holloway.

Speaking of Moller and Holloway
Holloway led Skelleftea with 21g and 28a in 55 games for $110,000 instead of having his name being engraved on the cup which will now go to Nolan and King.

Moller was 4th in scoring with 14g and 17a and is still trying to figure out how to recover from that Bobby Ryan hit.

Prospect Camp:
I didn’t go. Too busy suffering from a severe case of jet lag. Did I miss anything?





  1. Barry, I agree on Kostitsyn! Deano, Sign him!

  2. Bugarín says:

    I would like to see what Bud can do in the NHL .
    Kostitsyn would be a nice pick up

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