What’s Wrong With Canada?

I’m just CURIOUS. I’m not looking to pick a fight. I’m not looking to have beer dumped on my head. I just want to know from the (mostly) friendly people north of here why they think Canadian teams haven’t been as good as teams from the US?

Since 1993 when the Habs won the cup:
Only FIVE Canadian teams have participated in the finals?


Okay, wait… before you jump down my throat… World Juniors and Olympics… you got that… now back to my original question…

Every year I hear and read how great the Montreal Canadiens are going to be – Entire FAMILIES have been raised and sent to college since the last time they won.

How many Prime Ministers, Presidents, Inventions, Medicines have been invented since Toronto won the cup?

Vancouver at least TRIED! At least they came CLOSE a few times.

Ottawa nearly did it against the Ducks… oh, wait. No, they didn’t.

CALGARY! Haven’t even been to the playoffs in 10 of the last 15 years. Although that run against Tampa was fun.

My GUESS is, with the forefront of free agency, most players don’t want to pay the TAXES? (especially in Montreal)

The travel?

Not wanting to speak French?

Too many Tim Hortons, not enough Starbucks?

Alcohol content is twice that as America, thus longer hangovers?

Better puck bunnies = weaker legs?

or is it simply just way too much pressure?



  1. Sorry all my Canadian friends. But I have quite a fun time laughing with them about it.

  2. C’mon everyone, there may only have been 6 teams in Canada since 93 but it’s not that obscene of a question.

    There are only five teams in a division, yet we’ve seen multiple cups go to every division since ’93 except the Northeast who has one, but of course 3 of those teams are Canadian. Hell, the Pacific has 3! The Southleast has 2! How the hell did anyone from that division win a playoff round? Carolina has even been in the Finals twice.

    Thanks to Detroit’s dominance, the Central has 5 cups. Thanks to New Jersey’s dominance, the Atlantic has 5 cups.

    So if every five-team division has at least one cup, how come Canada with its six teams hasn’t won one? It’s a fair question.

    Top things that come to mind: a disallowed goal against Calgary, Roloston got hurt, Thomas got mad, Luongo got sad, Ottawa only had one scoring line, 2007 was the worst season in hockey history.

  3. pressure and scrutiny…..I live in Toronto and i remember when Carlo Colaiacovo was on the Leafs….he was run out of town by the media. a year ago I saw him at my specialist’s office and asked him how he liked St. Louis and he said that he loved it, he was able to just play hockey and not worry about the office stuff

    remember that hockey players aren’t the attention whores that other athletes are

  4. Someone do the math and look into how many Americans teams have repeated. Then factor in how many teams there are. I suck at math so I’ll leave it to someone else.

  5. Hello Mr Barry,

    Been a Kings fan all my life and live in Canada. This is not related to your post but have you dealt with spolight autographs in CA? They have some nice Kings products and want to know your input? Real or fake?

  6. I’m just glad that I’m Canadian but I feel no obligation to cheer for a Canadian Based team. It’s been Kings and Flyers since I was 10

  7. The problem is management. Vancouver keeps making moves to keep themselves mediocre. They only look good because their entire division was awful (24 gimme games). No one has any idea what Calgary is doing. Edmonton is going to be the Pittsburgh of the west with all their high draft picks, but thats from sucking for so long. At least the Kings used SOME cunning and didn’t need to get the #1 pick every year. Winnipeg is too early to tell, but the Thrashers mightily sucked. Toronto I believe is getting there, but they need to find a roster that can win and stick with it, like “This is us. WE are the Maple Leafs”. Senators just have an okay team, but they haven’t jumped on any opportunities to get better the last few years. Montreal just hasn’t bothered trying to get good lately (management’s fault). But then, when you rake in the cash even when you don’t win (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal), why bother trying? From a business standpoint, youre successful!

  8. Simple mathematics. If there were as many Canadian teams as there were US teams there would probably be a lot more non-sucky Canadian teams.

  9. Jim Stevensen says:

    There are only 7 Canadian teams, and only 6 existed for most of that time period, so the odds are stacked against them. Top that with high pressure from markets that care about hockey a lot more, and terrible management on many of these teams, and you get the lack of results you’re mentioning.

  10. Did it ever occur to you in all you pondering that they have fewer teams? They’ve had six teams and now it’s seven. If they (canadian teams) have won 5 times in 19 years, then that is actually a better percentage than the ratio of Canadian teams vs American teams that make up the NHL.
    Seriously Matt, you’re better than this.

  11. Curse of 1993 it has now been lifted.

  12. One questiion for you: How many players in the league are Canadian? Nuff said.

  13. Law of averages, not even a 1/4 of Canadian teams make up the league, plus most of the good Canadian players play south of the boarder 🙂

    • HB Kings Fan #99 says:

      And here it is, the haha, we won the Cup attitude. Asking questions like this would have never happened before we won right?

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