What The Hell Lombardi!

It’s been 5 days and you haven’t signed ANYONE!

I quite!

I’m not renewing my season tickets!

You should be FIRED!



Sorry, I’m just so used to typing that every year about this time. Jet lag must be kicking in.

Do you know the water goes the other way when you flush the toilet? I still can’t get used to roundabouts and driving on the wrong side and shifting gears with my left hand, and liters instead of gallons. But I can drive 110 miles per hour! What? What the hell is a kilometer?

I’ve only been here a few hours and I haven’t gotten laid? What gives Australian women? I thought you liked fat American men?

Fricken electricity is different, too. My electric razor exploded into a ball of fireworks.

Shane Doan isn’t going to chump Phoenix, is he?

The David Letterman of Australia isn’t as funny as David Letterman.

Nobody here seems to like Russell Crowe anymore.

FUCK it’s expensive here! 2 beers and a side of fries, 40 bucks.

Aren’t you glad Parise and Suter signed with the Wild? They still don’t stand a chance, do they? I’m just happy they didn’t sign with Pittsburgh and Detroit. Now Detroit is going to know what it feels like to SUCK for the next few years and those bandwagon assholes that invade Staples can suck my left vegemite! Matt Carle gets 5.5 million? I’m so, so, so happy Mitchell signed for 3.5 and didn’t test free agency.

I got kicked by a kangaroo.

They don’t have those things you put down on a toilet before you take  a crap. Ew.

Andrew Campbell is the real deal.

How come there’s no scrimmage game?

I still haven’t gotten my full order from SHOP.NHL.COM and today they sent me a survey wanting to know “how they did”. It made me smile.

OMG the waitress is SO CUTE!!!

Show of hands: Who likes beets?

I still don’t understand cricket.

Oh, and Nash has been traded to the Kings. PROOF! How come @hockeyinsiderr didn’t have this one?


  1. desperado rojo de Detroit says:

    We doughn need no steeeeenkeeeng Sutarise.

    We lyke whoooping jou Keeeengs. See jou in zee time with leaves fall on ground, jou deeeeerty Keeeengs. 😉

    • Huh?!

      • Kingsfaninto says:

        Time to brush upon my rubbish.

        We don’t need no stinking Suter/praise.

        We like whooping your asses. See you in the time where leafs fall on (the) ground. You dirty asses. Winky face

        Now that thats out of the way. My question is if Doan does sign with kings how does that effect the lines and who gets traded/dropped.

  2. Hey Barry did HB censor you again?

  3. It will be very interesting to see if they still have the “magic” come Sept. My guess is they are going to be very out of shape from all the partying that they are doing now. I would really like to see them get Doan. They could use him, and when somebody gets injured, or when Penner returns to Mr. invisible again. We’ll be relieved they have another plan in place.

    • Doan would be awesome on the Kings, having 2 Dustin Browns can never hurt. They’ll still have the magic, Sutter will let them party but I believe he’ll also let them know when it’s time to get back to business…

    • Stacy are you Penners ex ? Penners play down the stretch and in the playoffs was impressive. He was running thru people and deserves the contract DL gave him. Plus he has a great att

      • @ Morgan, Nobody disputes his play in the playoffs. It’s THE only reason he got any kind of new contract to begin with. His regular season play was atrocious! Penner has a bad reputation, ask any message board in Edmonton and they’ll tell you the same thing. Hey, I hope I’m wrong. Would love to see the lost 1st round pick we gave up for him actually go towards something. We got one cup, and if thats all we ever get out of Penners time here. Then I will have considered us very fortunate! However, there is no way in hell that guy is worth 3+ million. NO WAY!

  4. I could give a shit if the Kings don’t sign anyone significant. They have all of the same players, and as long as they stick to the same system then they’ll be fine. They are proof that you don’t try and “buy” the Stanley Cup. It’s the system that counts, and the Kings have the right system. I’m not worried at all…

  5. kingsxxx says:

    Should have ordered eBay barry. Free shipping and I got it in 2 days. Sweet!

  6. Nash to the Kings? Sweet. Now Mitchell won’t be the grandpa on the team.

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