Laughing My Ass Off!

I knew as soon as I got on a plane the shit would go down.

Just landed in Sydney to find that Parise and Suter BOTH signed in Minnesota!

Which makes me laugh, laugh, laugh.

I’ve gotten my fair share wrong in my time but never quite the epic proportions as this.


  1. That guy is a joke, making guesses and saying they came from his sources, or taking info from the TSN guys and trying to spin it as his own. As bad as IncarceratedBob or whatever his name is.

  2. Jay Wells says:

    None of these “insiders” know crap. Your boy Eklund is as bad as all the rest… I can’t remember the last rumor he was right on. Why would a supposed team “insider” leak any info to Eklund, Hockey Insider or anyone else?

  3. you mean like working for the Grandfather & BULLSHITTERS? Yeah Right Beavis

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