Free Agency – Day 3 – Laughs ‘r’ Us

Laugh #1

The Wi-Fi at the Qantas 1st class lounge – you would think paying 11,000 bucks they would have WiFi that wasn’t slower than,

a) a snail on quaaludes
b) the time its taking Parise to make a decision
c) my grandfathers morning crap when I really gotta go

Laugh #2

To those who think the Dustin Penner deal was laughable. Sure, he sucked during the regular season. So did Stoll and he managed to snake a 3 year 9 million dollar deal. At least Penner is only for ONE season. I can only imagine the teams that would have overpaid given  the stupid amounts given out so far this season.

Laugh #3

To the NHL who has no idea what its in for in labor negotiations. The FIRST thing they’ll say is “please, please, please put a 7 year cap on these assinine deals!” 13 years for Weber if it happens?

Laugh #4

If fans were putting bottle of maple syrup up against the boards for Penner, I can only imagine the amount of Geritol, Depends, Viagra that’s gonna be placed against the Dallas boards. Jagr and Whitney combined are older than world war one.

Thanks to all who helped out to fix this wreck of a site –

By the time I land, Parise will have already been traded.


  1. These long “life time” contracts seem just crazy to me! I think you may very well be right in that the owners are going to want to cap that too? Even though the irony here is that they are the very ones being stupid enough to offer them in the first place! The blind leading the blind!

  2. regulate says:


  3. Laugh #4…+1

  4. ryanzlakings says:

    The site needs more color and porn. Only if there was one with kings and porn together on the same site. Amen to the day that comes.

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