One Point is One Point

You know when your alarm goes off and you have no idea where you are, and it takes you a few minutes to realize your location? That was the Kings at the beginning of the first period. And who can blame them. Arriving at their hotel at 4:20am I was shocked the Kings played as well as they did.

The last thing they needed was to kill a 4 minute penalty at the end of the game.

The last thing they needed was to go into overtime.

The last thing they needed was for Jonathan Bernier to have to stop a penalty shot.

But they did – somehow the absolutely exhausted bunch managed to get a much needed point and they had a chance to win in overtime but Mike Richards will be thinking about that wide open net until Monday.

Brad Richardson had the only fresh legs on the ice tonight and he scored a pair.

Doughty, at 21, looked like a mirror image of Kopitar with bags so deep under his eyes, they said SAMSONITE.

I’m not gonna bitch about the lost point, because the Kings had chances. The truth of the matter is, if the Kings win their next three games, they win the division.

They’ll need tomorrow to recover before another tilt against Edmonton and then the all out war with San Jose.

Phoenix sits atop the division with us but have a worse ROW – They have columbus on deck, then St Louis and close out against Minnesota, so it looks like the Kings can only afford to give away ONE point… if that.

The only thing worse would be if Dallas and San Jose go into overtime…

No Carter, No Problem

You have a team that’s not going to be in the playoffs. If you can get on ‘em early maybe they start thinking about other things other than how they’re going to be effective tonight. – Jim Fox

Dwight King scored 1.2 seconds later

Kings penalty killers will be tested here tonight – Bob Miller

Two seconds later, Jordan Eberle scores

It seemed like it was going to be one of those nights. With a road wear Kings team and an Edmonton club having only scored one goal just two days ago, this had the makings of one of those piss-you-off 6-5 shootout type games.

But Oilers pylon Khabibulin had won just twice in his last 17 starts. That’s like being a pitcher for the Pirates. Aim and pray. The Kings clamped down like an alligator on one of those swamp guys arms and allowed the Oilers the fewest shots allowed this season, 14.

Drew Doughty finally shot a puck that actually went into a net to extend the lead and if there’s anyone in the league better than Mike Richards at smoking out a shorthanded chance, I’d like you to name them. Richards must have looked at yesterdays Flyers/Maple Laughs box score because he had one of his best games of the season.

Dustin Brown thought he was Bruno Sammartino, as he was hitting everything in sight.

So much for predictions. I didn’t win the lottery and the Kings didn’t pretend to be Chinese launderers.

My God Richardson is useless.

Dear Dustin Penner, do you know where you’re supposed to be?

Ted Nugent-Hopkins and Jordan Eberle both filed police reports after the game. “Some guy name Quick robbed us!” they both said to the mountie.

Smid didn’t show up for the 2nd period and Petry took a puck in the face leaving the Oilers with just 4 D-men.

Bob Miller is really losing it.

I did not know… the GM’s vote for the Vezina – Quick should win hands down. Oh, wait, the GM’s all hate Lombardi. Nevermind.

Syonara Calgary! Way to close out the season!

Does Marc Crawford’s hair look about as weird as that TV host guy in “Hunger Games?”

Are the Kings and Blues the only teams who made a coaching change to (hopefully) make it to the playoffs?
Boudreau – Ducks – NOPE
Hunter – Washington – MAYBE NOT
Muller – Carolina – NOPE
Cunneyworth – Montreal – NOPE
Carlysle – Toronto – NOPE
Richards – Columbus – NOPE

As the Mayor reported, Jordan Weal’s Pats were eliminated so Weal will be free to join Manchester.

Dallas is 1-10-2 in the 2nd of back-to-backs face San Jose tomorrow after losing to Vancouver tonight. Of course it also means the Kings better win their game in Minnesota.

Minnesota started the season 20-7-3. They’ve since gone 12-28-7.

6th place Chicago is only 2 points behind 5th place Detroit. With the Kings luck, they’ll win the Pacific and wind up playing Detroit.

At this point, I think I’d rather play Vancouver than St Louis. If Doughty and Richards are any indication on how long it takes to come back from a concussion, hopefully the same will be for the ugly Sedin.

For My Next Prediction…

Last night I said it was about time for a Kings injury – low and behold, Jeff Carter has an ankle injury (and ankle injuries take a lot of time to heal) EDIT/UPDATE: Was told tonight “4-5” days. Had an MRI today, will know exact extent of injury tomorrow.

I’ve also predicted I would win the (now) 540 million. We’ll see if I can beat the astronomical odds tomorrow night.

I predict the Kings lose in Edmonton. They’re too tired. Too jet lagged. Too sick. Edmonton only scored ONE goal last game. The Kings defense can’t stop their speed.

They shutout the Sharks in REGULATION tonight and now the guppies have lost 2 straight heading into their home/home war with Dallas – They should be nice and toasted/beat to shit by the time they get to Staples Center.

How GREAT would it be to eliminate them on our Fan Appreciation day!!!

I was thinking back to Lombardi’s failure to sign Kovalchuk. Many of you have asked me what REALLY happened. Here is the story that was told to me – maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not – draw your own conclusions.

Kovalchuk comes to L.A. – Dustin Brown shows him around – Kovy’s wife loves Beverly Hills – Helene Elliott writes it’s 98% done.

But then…

Dean Lombardi made a grave mistake. Much like in the Asian community the worst humiliation they have is called “losing face” which is irreversible. In the Russian community, the worst you can do is “show up” someone. That’s exactly what Lombardi allegedly did when Kovalchuk came to his office.

Lombardi put his feet up on his desk.

Apparently that’s a big insult in the Russian community (Russian’s, feel free to weigh in) and not only was Kovalchuk insulted, he left THAT NIGHT instead of the following morning.

It was this defining moment that has unravelled the Kings. They would have kept Simmonds. They would have kept Schenn. They probably would have kept Jack Johnson as well.

Just What The Doctor Ordered!

I’ve been fighting this godforsaken flu and a Kings 3-0 win made me feel a whole lot better.

Watching the Kings defense and Jonathan Quick set a Kings record for shutouts since Rogie in 1977 with 9 made puking into a bucket all night a distant memory.

The Kings played the defending Stanley Cup champs tight, losing by one goal (with an empty netter at 1 second). They played the Stanley Cup losers tight, losing just 1-0.

It wasn’t like they were playing badly.

Tonight proved how consistent the Kings have been and if this is the team that plays every game for 60 minutes, then they’ll make it to the playoffs and may, MAY just win a first round (I’m still waiting for the “freak” injury in the next 5 games)

The Kings having a day off to go to the movies, rest, have sex with puck bunnies paid dividends as they pounced on the Flames with 7 shots in the first 150 seconds of the game? Holy smokes!

The sad thing about this win and getting back into the playof hunt is that Phoenix plays San Jose tomorrow so ONE of those teams is going to jump ahead of the Kings. I’ll be rooting for Phoenix as San Jose then plays Dallas back-to-back.

When is Mike Richards gonna get hot?

When will drew Doughty get hot? Speaking of Drew, can you please stop passing the puck to the opposition?

How many more stupid penalties is Jarret Stoll going to take?

How come, even with Bernie Nicholls in tow, the power play still sucks?

25 times. 25 times Quick has allowed an opponent 1 goal or zero goals. 25. He’s going to get robbed of the Vezina isn’t he.

Thank you again Anaheim!!!! And thanks to Vancouver as well. Looks like Colorado and Calgary can book those tee times.

Am I the only one who thought “The Hunger Games” wasn’t the cat’s meow? I mean, genetically engineered wasps that sting you to produce hallucinations? Years ago, we came up with the phrase “Oh, Come On!” just for these sort of script “conveniences” and in most every movie there’s an “Oh, Come On!” moment. “Hunger Games” had more than one. Woody Harrelson’s character flat out disappears and there’s apparently TV camera’s everywhere (with perfect audio, I might add). I can stretch my imagination only so far.

I’m Gonna Buy The Kings!


It’s the first thing I do when I win the 476 million. I fly to Colorado and make Uncle Phil an offer he can’t refuse.

I know I’ll lose 20 million a year with this team, and the Staples deal sucks, but at least you’ll have a passionate owner who…

  • will fire Jamie Kompon as soon as my signature is dry
  • will call out players for being out of shape, drunk and not earning their paychecks (think Steinbrenner)
  • will let undeserving players hold out all season
  • will make sure the LOYAL season ticket holders are taken care of
  • will do whatever the fuck it takes to ensure they get to the Stanley Cup WITHOUT mortgaging the future.
  • will do whatever it takes to make sure Parise signs here
  • will LISTEN to offers for Doughty AFTER I sign Shea Weber
  • will put Helene Elliott so far east in the press box, she’ll resign
  • Party Suite
  • will stop selling tickets to Barry’s and the like to stem the tide of Vancouver, Red Wing, Flyer, Ranger, Boston fan from overwhelming the arena.
  • If there’s a GM out there who is smart and has balls…

Help me out folks. What else do I need to do when I take control of the Kings?

Are The Kings Contenders, or Pretenders?

This is just like dating an actress. You never know what the hell you’re gonna get on a daily basis. Beautiful insecure girl who just wants to screw you in tantric positions all night, or the psycho bitch that burns down your house and boils your bunny.

One again the revolving door of emotions reared its ugly head as nobody seems to want to take control of the division. In this past week Phoenix, then the Kings, then Dallas and now San Jose have taken turns in the cat bird seat.

The Kings didn’t beat a battered St Louis team playing in back-to-back games. They lucked out with a shootout win. They couldn’t handle a Boston club who really didn’t have anything to play for and now, with half their defense missing, they couldn’t solve Luongo.

And yes, I want to kill, mangle, burn, torture, slice up with a jigsaw, hit with a ball peen hammer, douse with gasoline, and waterboard the referees.

Is this a playoff team?

Doughty can’t score. Richards can’t score. I’m calling them “Hugh Hefner’s” from now on.

And it doesn’t get any easier.

Scoring 4 goals in the 2nd period against Dallas, Calgary told the West they’re not through and with the suddenly cold Kings coming to town, it’s not looking good for the L.A. club having to face a team that’s 6-0-1 at home their last 7 games.

“We were coming off those two really physical games, and you could see there wasn’t a lot of energy in our game” – Darryl Sutter

You think Calgary isn’t going to be coming at the Kings? Like I said in my last blog, by the time the Kings get to Edmonton (not a physical team), they’re going to be spent and the speedy Oilers should run roughshod over the Kings.

Colorado has about as much of a chance of playing in the post season as I do of winning the 356 million bucks tomorrow night. They only have 4 games left and there are just too many teams ahead of them. How do they make 8th place when San Jose and the Kings play back-to-back the last 2 games of the season?

I know this past Saturday we had to put a deposit down to renew our season tickets, but how many of you will cancel if the Kings DON’T make the playoffs? AND do you REALLY pay for another year of Jamie fucking Kompon? I don’t.

The Kings should have been this years’ St Louis Blues. But once again, I mean ONCE AGAIN, us fans are now “hoping” for a post season berth. Hey, 8th place is 8th place, right? The Oilers made it to the finals in 8th place, the Flyers made it to the finals having made the playoffs on an Olli Jokinen MISS in the shootout. Stranger things have happened.

At least we can all breathe tomorrow as nobody noteworthy actually PLAYS tomorrow.

Oh, well.

Let’s see what happens Wednesday.

Oh, and for my political friends: Gas was $1.80 when Obama took office – just sayin’

First 100 Days – A Quarter Million Hits!

In just 100 days in web-land, you’ve come here a quarter of a million times.

I appreciate all of your wonderful support and for reading the rantings of a lunatic fan!

Now someone, please tell me how to make some $$$ at this – LOL


The Kings are beaten, battered and bruised heading into their contest tonight minus a Sedin sister. I’ve watched the Canucks past 2 games and they are not the same without their dynamic duo. They just have that weird instinct that just cannot be taught.

The Kings can’t afford to take their foot off the gas pedal as their next opponent, Calgary gets to (hopefully) exact revenge on Dallas tonight who punked them 4-1 Saturday. If the Flames lose tonight, they’re likely done given they have to jump 3 teams ahead of them who all seem to play each other on a nightly basis.

If Kevin Westgarth isn’t going to play, why not send him to Manchester?

Who would have thunk Jordan Nolan and Dwight King, who didn’t really have impressive numbers in Manchester, would be making a difference. I’m absolutely positive this was Dean Lombardi’s plan all along [/sarcasm]

If the Kings DON’T make the playoffs, does Lombardi still lose his job?

Mit, Newt and Rick are the best the Republicans came up with? (sorry, just doing this to piss off those who want to me to “stick to hockey” on my own blog)

If Dean Lombardi = fail, what does this say about Brian Burke?

I’m rooting for the Ducks to win. I don’t want them anywhere near a top 5 pick. (currently, they would have the 7th pick)

I don’t want Washington in the playoffs. To hell with Ovechkin.

I’m a little sad Winnipeg is going to fall short. Their fans alone might have willed them to beat the Rangers in the 1st round.

The Kings REALLY need to lock up the #3 spot. Playing Chicago is much better than playing St Louis or Vancouver in the 1st round. Chicago’s goaltending is as good as an L.A. driver in the rain.

Colorado plays the Sharks tonight. Even though they’re tied in points with the Kings and the Sharks, I’m rooting HARD for the Av’s. They only have 4 more games after tonight. Colorado and Phoenix have played 2 more games than the Kings. Phoenix has OFF until Thursday, when they play the Sharks! 5 of the last 10 Phoenix games have gone to a shootout and they haven’t won in regulation during Doan’s suspension.

Brian Boyle is prominently featured on the front of ESPN’s NHL home page. Where’s Teddy Purcell when you need him?

It’s time for Mike Richards to get hot.

It’s time for Drew Doughty to start earning his 7 million dollars.

Anybody miss Fro-Loaf?

I’m going to predict Simon Gagne makes it back in time for the playoffs.