Overvaluing Your Players

I suggested (as has Surly and Scribe) the Kings should consider trading Jack Johnson to the Nashville Predators for RFA to be Shea Weber.

Of course, most said I should have my head examined (among other things commonly suggested on Howard Stern).

So I pose to you this question:

When Mike Richards was with the Flyers and he was offered for Shea Weber, you, as a fan, would have thought about it, right?

But Mike Richards was traded for Wayne Simmonds, Brayden Schenn and a 2nd round pick.

If I suggested the Kings trade Wayne Simmonds, Brayden Schenn and a 2nd round pick to Nashville for Shea Weber, you would have gone right back to suggesting I stick my head where I make number two.

Which brings me to my point (do I have one, or do I just feel like typing tonight?)

Jack Johnson for Shea Weber is not unreasonable. Johnson is locked up long term, until 2018 with an incredibly reasonable 4.357 cap hit which is HUGE for the budget conscious Predators. That’s VALUE.

Shea Weber is a RESTRICTED free agent. That means there is NO GUARANTEE he’s going to sign with your club long term and he may just want to sign a ONE year deal until he tests the market as a UFA a year from now. That’s a HUGE GAMBLE ON THE PART OF THE KINGS. He also comes with a whopping 7.5 million dollar cap hit and will likely command the same on a long term deal.

When Mike Richards was with the Flyers and I would have suggested to Flyers fans the Kings trade Richards to us for Simmonds, Schenn and a 2nd, every single fan would want to attach a tractor to each of my limbs and slowly pull in opposite directions at 5 miles per hour. Then they would suggest (in that ugly south Philly accent)  “Start with Dustin Brown AND Jack Johnson and work from there.”

But that’s not what happened. For a player with an incredibly valuable 5.75 cap hit.

If you had suggested Dion Pfaneuf be traded to a rival for a bunch of potted geraniums, I would have been laughed out of Moncton. But that’s what happened. Ugly, dead, limp geraniums. That deal was like the Ducks trading us Bobby Ryan for Jarret Stoll, Brad Richardson and Matt Greene . There was no Dustin Brown in that deal. Or a Jack Johnson.

(Okay, I might as well say it before you do: Dustin Penner for a 1st, a 3rd and a former 1st. Commence vomiting.)

But those who think the Kings are going to part with a 1st round pick for Ales Hemsky are smoking shaved asphalt. As I’ve mentioned many times, Lombardi turned down the Lightning TWICE for Malone for a 2nd round pick.

But it sure is going to be interesting this next month to see if the Kings can maintain their playoff position or if they fold like a Chinese launderer, then get fleeced on deals for Stoll, Mitchell, Greene and Penner.

Is Wednesday here yet? Me thinks the Kings will be very ready NOT to roll over to Columbus again.

Thank You Beauchemin and Gleason!

You just made our defenseman that much more valuable.

Alec Martinez (puck moving defenseman) – So what happens when Campbell is hurt in Florida, or the Flyers lose Bourdon? Tampa didn’t want to pay Lombardi’s 2nd (or 3rd) round asking price, but DL might just catch someone desperate enough. Let’s just hope Voynov or JJ or Drew aren’t hurt between now and the deadline.

Davis Drewiske (scrub, but defensively sound) – maybe Lombardi can snake a mid-level prospect? Maybe the dream of me having sex with Jessica Alba will come true, too!

Matt Greene (if the Kings are out of the playoffs) – He becomes a 1st round pick with 1 year left on contract

Willie Mitchell (if the Kings are out of the playoffs) –  one delicious prospect and a 2nd round pick

I mean, what else is there out there? Aaron Johnson from Columbus? Hal Gill? Yuck!

Okay, okay, nobody wants our compost, I get it. There’s always a playoff trade hope. Last year, at least Lombardi TRIED with “Pancakes” – It didn’t work out. Come to think of it, has a playoff bound Kings deadline deal EVER worked out for the Kings? Anson Carter? Nelson Emerson and Kelly Buchberger? Freddy Modin?  Mark Parrish and Brent Sopel? Ugh.




Nash Is Available?

I didn’t wake up with a hard on this morning, but Toronto radio host Bill Watters suggested the following in this TWEET and that just gave me a stiffy.

From CBJ,Nash & Huselius,From TORGrabovski, Schenn, Kadri and Komisarek.

If ever there was a reason to:

  • quit being a Blue Jackets Fan
  • fire Scott Howson
  • win a Stanley Cup for your team

This would do it.

So let me get this straight – Nash would be traded for a free agent to be, an overpriced, underperforming defenseman, an unproven commodity in Kadri and the often benched Luke Schenn.


How fast do you think Dean Lombardi’s shaky fingers would be dialing the 614 area code and offering…

(take TWO of the following)

  • Dustin Brown
  • Andrei Loktionov
  • Slava Voynov
  • Kyle Clifford

(take ONE of the following)

  • 1st round draft pick
  • Thomas Hickey
  • Tyler Toffoli

Nash and Kopitar? How would the opposition get the puck? Even in Sutter’s offensively challenged system, Kopitar would still have 100 assists.

When you get a chance to acquire a star player… you do it.

Oh, and good morning.

My All Star Game Thoughts

I really hate when artists singing the National Anthem try and add their own stupid flavors (Lindsay Ridgeway drives me nuts doing this). Just sing the fricken song. It was awful.

“Oh, Canada” was sung the way it’s supposed to be sung.

I love the ad for “Swamp People” – considering those that are being profiled probably don’t even HAVE Versus, or whatever its called now, I’m trying to figure out who their target audience is.

I see Gaborik scoring three goals and all I can think of is “Stupid Lombardi, had you signed him 3 years ago, we would be in 1st place by a country mile.”

Stamkos penalty shot attempt was about as good as my casting on “Good Luck Chuck”

So Quick gives up two quick goals then has to be bailed out by Alfredsson. I’m just glad he wasn’t the losing goaltender.

Okay, now that Quick is out of the game and it’s tied, I’m going back to rooting for Chara’s club since I hate any team the Sedin sisters are on.

Elliott looked just like he did when he played for Ottawa.

Great. Game over. Not I can go take a nap.


When he was traded to the Kings, he came in fat, out of shape, blamed his skates and happily collected our 5 million dollars. Sorry, but I’m not forgiving him for pulling that shit and I still hate his ass every time I look at him.

Asked if all the attention should go away when he snubbed the White House invitation: “”Ah … I think it should. I think it should. Why? Because it’s all media driven right now. It has been from the start.”


No, moron, it was TIM THOMAS driven when you decided to disrespect the OFFICE of the Presidency. Not the President, the Office of the Presidency and the honor they gifted to the Boston Bruins.

No, Tim, you DID put yourself and your political beliefs AHEAD of your teammates and now you want it to go away because it’s MEDIA DRIVEN?

I guess we should just ignore Ovechkin snubbing the All Star game as well?



Did Sutter See Anything He Liked in Manchester?

Bitter Beer Face spent the All Star break in Manchester, N.H. scouting the Monarchs.

Did he see anything he liked?

Yesterday they rolled over like a Vegas hooker allowing 3 goals in the 1st period. Jones was yanked.  Tonight, The Monarchs blew a 2 goal late 3rd period lead as the Sharks scored twice within 28 seconds to force OT and the suddenly struggling Jake Muzzin won it in OT. Dwight King apparently wants another shot with Kopitar as he scored his 9th of the season had 8 shots on goal yesterday, then scored his 10th tonight.

Today was a different story as the team must have finally figured out the boss from the show was in town.

Three 1st period fights and a 3-2 win.

Do you think Sutter was impressed?

Did he enjoy Rich Clune’s two fights in two games?

Maybe Kozun’s 3 assists over the weekend made him take notice?

Dwight King’s two goals?

Zatkoff allowing only 2 goals on 53 shots?

All Star Hickey plays solid defense!

It could very well be that Lombardi want’s BBF’s assessments of who he thinks the Kings should keep or deal?

Who the hell knows. I’m just trying to find shit to write about until Wednesday.








Remembering the Bernie Nicholls Trade

On Jan. 20, 1990 the Los Angeles Kings shocked the hockey world by trading All Star Bernie Nicholls to the New York Rangers in exchange for Tomas Sandstrom and Tony Granato.

The NHL All Star Game was played the following day.

What happened? Why would the Kings trade a fan favorite? A player who had scored 70 goals the previous season (only 1 of 8 players in the NHL to ever accomplish this feat) along with 80 assists for an unhearadled 150 points (only 5 players have accomplished that task).

In 47 games with the Kings Nicholls had already scored 27 goals and 48 assists. In today’s times, that would be enough to warrant a 7 million dollar a year contract.

But there was a growing concern in Inglewood.

“Things didn’t seem to be clicking,” Bruce McNall told me in a recent phone interview.

Despite Bernie’s stellar year and All Star selection, the Kings were 21-21-5 and were 10 points behind division leading Edmonton.

“Everybody thought (Bernie) was a great scorer but something was missing,” McNall said. “We were soft. Even Wayne (Gretzky) said, “We need some grit.”

Unbeknownst to McNall, the New York Rangers GM Neil Smith had been looking for some scoring and had been negotiating back and forth with Kings GM Rogie Vachon on a deal.

“There was this opportunity that came along for Tomas Sandstom and Tony Granato from the Rangers,” said McNall. “Then finally, (Rogie and Kings coach Tom Webster) came to me and said, “We can do this deal, and we should” and I said “Oh, shit” Because Bernie was a friend of mine, so it was a very unusual circumstance.”

Sandstrom was in his 7th season with the Rangers. At 6’3” and weighing in at over 200 pounds and averaging 30 goals a season, he was the winger the Kings were seeking. Granato had a stellar rookie campaign with 36 goals and 27 assists with 140 penalty minutes, but he was undoubtedly a victim of the sophomore jinx potting only 7 goals and 18 assists in 37 games.

Bernie was enjoying his All Star selection in Pittsburgh, with fellow teammates Wayne Gretzky, Luc Robitaille and Steve Duchesne.

“After the skills competition,” Nicholls told me today in a phone conversation, “(Calgary Flames Goalie) Mike Vernon came up to me and said, “I heard you’ve been traded.” And I said “What are you talking about?” I’d never heard a thing!”

“I was elected to tell Bernie the great news,” McNall said sarcastically. “As opposed to the normal GM doing it.”

Nicholls finally did run into McNall. “I said, “Bruce, have you heard anything about a trade?””

McNall replied, “Look. There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is we’re trading you. The good news is, we’re trading you to the New York Rangers.” I told him, “From an ego standpoint, you’ll always be in the shadow of Wayne and the Rangers are the highest profile team around and this could do wonders for your career.”

A stunned Nicholls replied, ““You’ve got to be kidding me?” I was devastated. That was the first I had heard about it.”

Once the shock of the deal kicked in, Nicholls began to think about what had just happened.

“I knew they needed someone for Wayne to play with. They had no one to play with Wayne at the time. I knew they had wanted that and there had to have been talks.”

“I loved Bruce. He treated me so good. He did a lot of great things for me and you know when someone is joking or not and when Mike Vernon mentioned it at first and then Bruce said it, I knew he was telling the truth.”

“I was just absolutely in shock.”

McNall recalls, “His wife at the time went hysterical. They had just bought the house and the kids were in school. It was a nightmare. She was crying and I just felt like (poop). She was not happy.”

Nicholls recalled, “Three months before the trade I went to Bruce. I had just signed a new contract and I wanted to buy a house. An expensive house. I’m not a businessman, so I went to someone a lot smarter than me and I said, “Look, I’m thinking about buying this house here, it’s pretty expensive, what do you think?” Bruce said, “”You’re gonna be here forever, we’ll never trade you.”

With the shock and overwhelming emotion of being traded less than 24 hours before the All Star game, the NHL had a dilemma on their hands. Nicholls was representing the Kings in the West, but he had been traded to the Rangers… in the East.

The NHL ultimately decided to keep Nicholls in the West.

But how did Nicholls feel? “It was weird,” he recalled. “It was weird being there playing, knowing you were traded.”

“Actually, (Rangers defenseman) Brian Leech and (goaltender) Mike Richter was on the other side, my new teammates that I never knew anything about so I kind of got to meet them DURING the game.”

While Nicholls was getting used to his new teammates on Broadway, little did he realize that the Rangers 3rd game on their upcoming schedule was at the Forum, against the Kings.

“It was probably the most nervous I’d ever been in a game,” Nicholls remembers. “I was usually pretty relaxed for a game, I’m excited nervous, but not nervous nervous. I couldn’t even feel myself in warm-up. It was the most nervous I’d ever been in a game.”

“I actually scored a goal and we won 3-1 (Ulf Dahlen had the game winner), so it couldn’t have turned out any better for me. The fans were great. They treated me so well. It was really pretty cool.”

But Nicholls was still trying to figure out why it was he who was dealt.

“(The Kings) were looking for someone to play with Wayne and I knew Wayne had something to do with it.”

“We were both centerman. At the time I played with Luc (Robitaille) and Dave Taylor and for some reason, they didn’t really click with Wayne which was strange to me, but Wayne didn’t really have anyone to play with.”

“They went out and got two guys to go out and play with Wayne. But it was tough.”

Business decisions are always tough, but McNall explained it this way:

“I hate to put it in this term, but as a business ploy, you try and sell at the height of the market and 70 goals was at the height of the market. His value was not going to get any better from a standpoint of just an asset trade. From a purely asset standpoint his value was at the top of his market at the time. I think that’s why everyone thought at this time it made the most sense.”

“If we didn’t get Sandstrom and Granato, we would have never made it to the finals (in 1993). They brought an intensity and combined, they equaled Bernie’s goal scoring ability. Plus they were both very good defensemen. They were gritty, they went into the corners and did all the dirty stuff that nobody likes to do. It worked out fairly well.”

As a player, Nicholls view was much different.

“There’s no loyalty to players, there’s no loyalty to management and that’s part of the business that I don’t like. I’m a firm believer in you sign a contract for five years…”

Nicholls played one more seasons for the New York Rangers, and just before he was about to buy a house for his wife and unborn twins, he went to Rangers GM Smith who told him, “I’ll never trade you.”

On October 4th, 1991, just one game into the season, Nicholls was traded to Edmonton for Mark Messier.

Cheer or Cry: Corey Perry Heading to Vancouver?

This was making its way around the net tonight

According to former ex-NHL player Patrice Brisebois, Corey Perry would be sent  to Vancouver in exchange for Cory Schneider, mason Raymond and Keith Ballard.

My first thought is, this would be a bigger ass rape than the Dion Phaneuf or Joe Thornton deals.

My second thought is, how does Ducks GM Bob Murray not wind up in a fish tank filled with pirannah’s?

My third thought is, how can I save money on car insurance?

My fourth thought was: ARE THE DUCKS OUT OF THEIR FUCKING MINDS!!!!!

This is one of those times I pray the 97% being wrong on rumors, is right. This makes absolutely ZERO sense for the Quacks who are 8-1-1 their last 10 games! Unless, the Ducks don’t believe they can re-sign Perry who has one year remaining on his contract, or they’re having bigger financial issues than what’s being reported.

Here’s what Anaheim allegedly will receive: A  goalie they don’t need, a guy with a broken back and a shitty defenseman? Okay, others are saying Cody Hodgson would be included in the deal, but seriously?

Um… Let’s see if I can BETTER that trade. How about: Jonathan Bernier, Slava Voynov and Andrei Loktionov.

Others are saying this trade will be announced this weekend.

The amount of sperm collectively being ejaculated by Vancouver fans will leave women very lonely until Monday.

Corey Perry and the Sedins would be devastating against any and all opposition.

I would cry that Vancouver will be the favorites to win the cup – I will be happy that one way of the other, they will burn down their city again.

I would be happy that the Kings will kick the every loving shit out of the Ducks for years to come.


How GREAT was it that Jon Quick was a) the 6th player chosen b) the 1st goaltender chosen by Alfedsson c) chosen ahead of Price, Elliot and Howard d) chosen ahead of Hossa, Giroux, Perry, Stamkos, Kane, the Sisters, Kessel, Iginla, Gaborik and Tavares! It’s too bad Chara’s club is going to light him up like cuban cigar.


comments from Nicholls, Luc Robitaille and Bruce McNall who explains how it all went down and why.


I just went over 100,000 hits – wow, thank you all – now please tell me how can I make money at this?